Meet Abraham

About AJ fine jewelers in Charlotte NC

Abraham Joseph Fine Jewelers is a full service jewelry store with in house manufacturing. We bring international experience and expertise to the Queen City.

Abraham Joseph Pamukcu, owner of Abraham Joseph Fine jewelers has dedicated his life and career to the creation of exquisite fine jewelry. Abraham began his career in his native Turkey apprenticing in high end jewelry manufacturing. He achieved his success in the retail market by bringing his valued customers the finest quality jewelry showcasing beautiful diamonds and gemstones at the most competitive prices.

Abraham’s skill as a bench jeweler and his expertise in jewelry design builds trust with his customers. His fairness and integrity makes customers feel like family.

Abraham’s love and appreciation of highly crafted fine jewelry has driven him to establish a retail experience unlike anything available in the Charlotte area. Abraham Joseph Fine Jewelers makes dreams into reality. Customers can choose from a wide selection of unique diamond and gemstone jewelry, select a one-of-a-kind AJ creation or take advantage of our team to design your own masterpiece.

In House manufacturing allows the customer to create their own item reflecting their own individual personality and style. Design your mounting, pick your stones and create the jewelry you’ve always wanted….only at Abraham Joseph Fine Jewelers.